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General AbleCommerce Community Forum Guidelines and Rules

Post by Shopping Cart Admin » Fri May 07, 2004 3:10 pm

Hello ACC,

General AbleCommerce Community Forum Guidelines and Rules:

1. General Forum Posting Guidelines: The AbleCommerce community forms is for all general technical support questions that could be helpful to other AbleCommerce users.

2. AbleCommerce moderates the forums and attempts to answer in a timely manner all general using AbleCommerce questions for current products.

3. Developer level questions will be replied to as time allows, if the answer will benefit the general forum population.

4. It's only reasonable that if AbleCommerce is answering the majority of the general how to questions, the time available to answer the more difficult questions will be reduced. So if you have the answer, let the community know. Thank you!

5. Developer level questions sometimes will be answered promptly and other times they will not depending on the amount of other work we are currently involved in. This will depend on the value to the community.

6. AbleCommerce reserves the right to edit or delete posts in the AbleCommerce community forums at any time for any reason.

7. AbleCommerce insists that users post in a professional manner: Insulting other community members, the use of profanity, flaming and other unprofessional acts directed towards other community members or the AbleCommerce staff will result in an immediate banning.

8. AbleCommerce reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that acts in an abusive or unprofessional manner to other community members or the AbleCommerce staff.

9. Carefully choose where to post your question, especially if it's a version specific question.

10. Try out the search function to see if your question has already been answered, before posting!

11. As a TRUE pioneer of Internet commerce, AbleCommerce values its ideas and respects the idea's of others. The posting of URL's to other eCommerce systems for example or any other purpose is not allowed.

12. Bumping of posts is highly discouraged , especially if you're requesting free developer level assistance (anything to do with code/code samples/etc).

Bumping hides the post from the 'view unanswered' posts report, in the upper right hand corner of the forums. SO IF YOU BUMP YOUR POST WE MIGHT NEVER FIND IT!!!

13. Use of ALL caps is discouraged.
Thanks for your support

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