Roll Call

Discussion area for and about AbleCommerce hosting and development providers. If you provide AbleCommerce services let our users know.
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Roll Call

Post by hightekvagabond » Wed Jul 25, 2007 7:33 am

After looking at this particular forum I see several people asking over the years for help doing development and such. I'm personally just curious who the players are.

I'd love to see everyone who is running stores that are not their own sound off here.

If you are a hosting provider then say that, maybe give us your url for your hosting company, if you are a developer then say that. If you have a specific version of ABC and database you use then say that.

I'll start:
I'm a developer who was asked to do customizations as a subcontractor on a client site, it's been my first exposure to Able commerce but I'm digging it.

My Company is I am subcontracted through and the customer I am working with is

We are using the ASP .Net 5.5 Version with SQL server. I'm about to migrate the client over to SQL Server Express.

When I'm done with this project I may very well see if I can get the Coldfusion version to run on Bluedragon, FreeBSD, and PostgreSQL just for fun, but thats down the road.

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Post by gjaros » Thu Jul 26, 2007 8:24 pm

Web 2 Market is a hosting and development company and our main focus is on hosting and developing AbleCommerce CFMX sites using MS-SQL Server. We are currently hosting and/or developing nearly 100 AbleCommerce sites.

We have also developed 20+ AbleCommerce plugins and enhancements, including many often requested features, like Quick Order, Product Reviews, and much more.
Web 2 Market has also authored a unique product that integrates Mail Order Manager with an AbleCommerce storefront and have also integrated with various other cataloging, inventory, and accounting systems.

Our web page is:
Or call us at (708) 653-3100

We are an AbleCommerce Priemier Partner and the Official Hosting Provider for AbleCommerce CFMX.

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Post by jmestep » Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:40 am

I don't know what I am, but I sure do keep busy! I work for my son-in-law and we had one of the first paintball sites back when the Yahoo platform was about all that was available for small businesses with no knowledge. We purchased Able about 5 years ago with the intention of switching the site over to it. After a few months of working with another hoster, we ended up getting our own server and then we had a designer who kept breaking the site because he would move things around in design mode in Dreamweaver and then not check his work. We laid him off and I ended it up with it all. From that point on, it was "I talked them into this, I'd better get it to work." I will admit that part of my motive for adding features was so that we would have a site so much better than the Yahoo store that the boss would move the domain name over to our Able site. Well, he still hasn't done that because the Yahoo store still comes up in the top 5 in organic searches for paintball keyword and he doesn't want to lose that traffic.
My only programming background was in MS Access, so I had bunches to learn. When we started growing, I developed an Access database that we use for our crm stuff. Most of what I learned about IIS and website problems was from the guy who manages our servers. I would log on to terminal services and he would take over my session and explain what he was doing. I have taken some courses on .net, sql server, xml, etc from, but there is a lot of it I don't remember because I haven't had to use it.
I think my motive for starting to post on the forum is that I had received a lot of help from various Access forums when I was trying to learn that. I have 3 clients I do some customization for and I'm starting on developing an Able site for the company who rents our warehouse to us. We are toying with the idea of starting a web development company for .net sites. After talking with this new client, we realized how much we have learned about web development and the actual running of an ecommerce company, so we might have something marketable. We've even got a domain name- (Been there, done that!).
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