Lots of small requests

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Lots of small requests

Post by mouse_8b » Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:30 pm


This post was inspired by the threads on Facebook asking our opinions on various parts of AbleCommerce. I started writing down some small things that I encountered in my day-to-day use of AC, and now I have a full sticky note. So here goes:

1) A link to log in as the customer from the edit customer screen
If I go to the customer profile from an order, it seems like extra steps to go to the customer search page, search for the customer that I already found, and log in as the customer.

2) Reload customer on save
If I enter customer info (name, address, etc), click save, and immediately go to create order, I have to search for the customer to create an order for them. Reloading the edit customer page after a save gets around this, but it seems like an unnecessary extra step.

3) Date Range Filter on Order Manager (Might be a bug report, I'm not sure what the intended functionality is)
If you filter by date, it doesn't return the orders that were placed on the selected dates. Instead, it looks like it returns orders whose payments were processed that day (maybe). This might be useful, but it is non-intuitive. It would be nice to be able to filter based on when the order was placed.

4) Admin Coupons
Being able to make coupons that can only be used when an administrator is creating an order for a customer would be neat. I know I can make a coupon code that applies to everyone and just not tell anyone about it, but being able to explicitly declare that a coupon can only be used by an admin would help.

5) Editing prices in order creation
If I take a phone order, I may have negotiated a special price for certain items. When entering the order for the customer, being able to adjust prices before the order is submitted would be helpful. As it is, I can defer payment on the order, adjust prices, and submit payment once the prices are changed, but the customer still has an e-mail confirmation with the original prices listed.

6) Warehouses
I'm not quite sure the exact reason I wrote this down, but I have had plenty of frustration from the warehouse system. The basic idea seems good, but they lack some advanced and very handy features such as: being able to have multiple warehouses per shipment OR being able to have different rules for different products in a warehouse. An example from my store: we have products that ship from the same place, but have different shipping & handling costs. If the order ships free at a certain dollar threshold, and someone buys a product that already gets free shipping along with non-free shipping products, then the freely shipped item won't count in the shipment total, and that shipment may not meet the threshold, even though the entire order is above the threshold.

7) Access to customer's Address Book from admin
Being able to edit the customer's saved addresses from the admin side would be handy. Currently, you must log in as the customer and go to their account settings to change saved addresses.

8) Copy shipping methods
Being able to copy a shipping method to change one thing would be easier than creating a new one and checking to make sure it matches another

Bonus) "Move Category" or "Move Category Paging in CP"
I don't remember why I wrote this down. If this rings any bells, let me know.

That's all I've got.

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Re: Lots of small requests

Post by ChipWV » Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:36 pm

These are all handy features that would improve customer service and reduce the frustration of trying to create an Able order from a phone in customer. We don't use Able for phone orders, it's just to slow and cumbersome.

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