Labeling inconsistancy

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Labeling inconsistancy

Post by ChipWV » Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:00 pm

I have a small nit to pick in the pages of AC. The problem has migrated from 7 to Gold, so I thought I mention it.

On the product page we have a label of "Item #:" next to the SKU number. That's just fine. However on the Cart page or checkout pages the same field is labeled "SKU"

While I feel this is not a big issue, it does bring up issues when taking phone orders for customers. It goes something like this.

Operator: "Can I get the item number for the item you'd like to order?
Customer: "aaaaaa, aaaa, I don't see the item number, aaaaa, aaa, do you mean SKU?
Operator: "yes that number"

Again, this is a small issue, but some consumers out there don't know what "SKU" stands for.


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