Drop-Shipper/Reseller Login/Order Management

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Drop-Shipper/Reseller Login/Order Management

Post by NC Software » Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:24 am

We need an area which I'll call Reseller Admin. Like forum'ware, we have a login for admins and a login for moderators, completely separate control panels. We need a dedicated area for resellers to login and view their orders, manage their shipping, post the tracking numbers, review reports and analytics on their products, etc.

Case in point:

One of my resellers sells binders. They have to process solely on the vendor notification e-mails. Recently they didn't communicate well, for whatever reason, and shipped the same product twice. Fortunately I caught them when they e-mailed me two tracking numbers for the same order. A simple mistake that can and probably does happen more than it should.

If we had a portal that they logged into, however many users they have and want, they could look on a screen and see like a McDonald's drive through monitor, what orders are pending and they can "take" them and process them. Kayako's Help Desk has a "take" button which means the ticket is assigned to them. If an order processor "takes" an order they have taken ownership of it and processes the order.

It doesn't need to be complicated. I've asked for this many times in other forums here. A vendor needs a login and when that vendor logs in they see only information related to their vendor Id.

I hope this scenario explains what this product desperately needs for better order processing and shipment processing allowing resellers to mark orders shipped without requiring another person to do this all over e-mails.
Neal Culiner
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