Revamp Discounts/Coupons Features

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Revamp Discounts/Coupons Features

Post by rmaweb » Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:38 am

Posted this in the feedback site, and posting here for reference.
Can the discounts and coupons be revamped so that Discounts is relabeled Volume Discounts, and Coupons is relabeled Promotional Discounts?

The Promotional Discounts would have functionality similar to coupons, with order/product/shipping discounts, only with the coupon code being optional, so that it if it is not entered, the discounts are automatic.
The Promotional Discounts would show on the frontend for the customer to see while viewing the catalog, like the Pricing Rules does, if there is no coupon code required. If there is a code required, then the normal price would be all that’s shown until the code is entered.

The Volume Discounts would have the same functionality as it does now, but UI would be updated to show the discount pricing and volume rules under the retail price on the product pages if the user is a member of the group that has access to the discount.

I would prefer to use the Promotional Discounts feature over the Pricing rules as I can set products/categories to be x% off without having to go into each and every product and update the pricing manually using a calculator to find the price after the discount. Also, the Promotional discounts would show as coupons in the reports so I can see how much the Product Sales are and Product Sales ( Less Discounts ). Which I don’t think Pricing Rules allow.
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Re: Revamp Discounts/Coupons Features

Post by Katie » Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:40 am

Rather than changing the Coupons feature, can we improve Discounts somehow? Currently, with Discounts, you can assign them to products and/or categories and the discount info will display automatically. Is there some aspect of using Discounts that doesn't work for you?
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