Display WEIGHTS and DIMENSIONS of items being sold/shipped

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Display WEIGHTS and DIMENSIONS of items being sold/shipped

Post by bugman » Wed May 06, 2015 9:53 am

It would be very helpful to have Ablecommerce display the weights and dimensions of each SHIPMENT on an order (and perhaps for each line item on the order as well):

1) on the SHIPMENTS screen when viewing an order's details in the Admin panel
2) on the packing slip
3) on customer's invoice

And since we can ASK for whatever we want in a feature request, right?... ultimate flexibility would be achieved by having a checkbox for each location that controlled whether or not to display this info (some companies might want to see it on the order admin screen but NOT want customer to see it on their invoice, etc).

Freight is such a huge factor affecting the profitability of online sales, we AC users really need the ability to easily see what parameters AC is using to get rates from the carrier (so we can confirm we're getting the discounts our carriers have promised us, etc).

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Re: Display WEIGHTS and DIMENSIONS of items being sold/shipped

Post by Katie » Wed May 06, 2015 11:08 am

Thanks for your feedback. It's much appreciated. Any chance you can post this to our new feedback system? Just click the green feedback button from any page within the Merchant Admin and add your request. You can decide how many votes to give it as well.

We look at all the features with the most votes and decide what goes into the next version.

BTW. If you look on the packing slip, we do show a the shipment weight. I don't believe we have the individual items' weight shown anywhere in the order pages, but it would probably be easy to add.

We wouldn't want to show this info to the customer unless it was an option. Too many merchants pad their products to make sure all their shipping costs are covered. I'm not sure how important dimensions are, but it can be done on an individual item bases, but not for the shipment.

Thanks again
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