Proposal to Tie Kits and Product Options Together

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Ensign (ENS)
Ensign (ENS)
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Proposal to Tie Kits and Product Options Together

Post by hiddenlimits » Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:02 am

Hi! We had a potential use case that I think would be useful for other stores and wanted to see what you all thought.


One of our use cases for AbleCommerce is such that we need to use the kitting feature to track inventory and the product options feature to generate SKUs and both need to be used at the same time. This proposal is to explore the feasibility of tying those two features together to make this use case a possibility.

Example Use Case

We sell hardware appliances that are assembled in house and are compromised of both standard and optional components (kits). We also have different SKUs for a specific hardware appliance depending on what options were chosen by the user.

For example, a user could buy a FW-5000 hardware appliance with a 30GB SSD and a 3 year warranty and it would become a FW-5000-30GB-3YR. The FW-5000 would be a (hidden) kit of standard parts and the 30GB SSD would be a kit of parts that are needed to install an SSD (including the SSD itself). The SSD and warranty are options on the product page and thus optional.

Currently we would have this set up as a standard kit that is hidden (the parts necessary to build the standard FW-5000), a kit for the SSD (available in a dropdown), and the warranty as a product option. This means we can track inventory on all the items, but we can't change the SKU if the SSD is selected. If we were to make them all product options then we could change the SKU, but wouldn't be able to track inventory at the part level accurately.


If a dropdown list of available kit components ,for the given product, was added as an option to the product options, then the admin could select a kit component to tie to that product option. I believe this would solve this problem preventing this use case.

This would allow us to set product options for a product that manipulate the SKU and at the same time track the inventory of the selected options through the use of kits.


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