Templates for Responsive theme - overall simplicity

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Chris Hadden
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Commander (CMDR)
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Templates for Responsive theme - overall simplicity

Post by Chris Hadden » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:54 am

I have been selling on web sites for quite a few years now. I started on ebay when they first got going in the 90's. It was great. At that time they allowed you to have a link back to a web site so I had a free one I made on tripod or something like that only took personal checks. I then purchased an ecommerce program storefront98 which worked well for me at the time, no one was on the internet. It was alta-vista and yahoo and none of my competitors or my suppliers were there. Also no Chinese. My crappy little web site had top position all over the web for jewelry parts. Those were the best years before the other's arrived. I stuck with storefront 2000 and on. They got bought by someone I eventually moved to "product cart" and ablecommerce. I have tried a lot of them on a trial bases. I am with 3dcart now on another site I really like them, and I have tried shopify who have a lot of pros but also some cons. Anyway, this is a letter to ablecommerce Katie and whoever is in the development dept. I wonder about ablecommerce moving forward. My request is that you move in a friendly less technical direction for non computer people. You advertise that you don't need computer skills to go with ablecommerce and you are correct to a large degree which is why I am here, but in truth you have a lot of people now coming after you on that side. If I were looking today to go with an e-commerce platform I would not be with you guys. Your simply not as easy to work with, there is not as much offered without getting into the nuts and bolts of the software and frankly I am busy running my business I am not a code person. So that is my request, assuming your going to try to sell to that audience, an example is the responsive theme, fine, you have one. Now what am I supposed to do, figure out all the css? it should be plug and play beyond a wire frame.

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Re: Templates for Responsive theme - overall simplicity

Post by Shopping Cart Admin » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:06 am

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your feedback, I feel the same way about ease of skinning and editing the store look/feel. We have added your feedback to our internal features list and will act upon it in a future release that's for sure!
Thanks for your support

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