AbleCommerce 7.0 PABP Certification Announcement

This forum is dedicated to answering AbleCommerce 7.0 questions about PCI certification and compliance.
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AbleCommerce 7.0 PABP Certification Announcement

Post by Shopping Cart Admin » Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:50 am

Hello Everyone,

In the 2nd week of 2008 we began the process of becoming a fully PABP certified shopping cart application. This process has gone VERY smoothly and so far has required no changes to the AbleCommerce 7.0 application other than a check box on the install screen to confirm you've read the PABP implementation guide.

One of the requirements for PABP Certification is that we have somewhere official to get questions answered on this topic. Hence this forum topic was born.
Thanks for your support

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