Capture a different amount than authorized with CC

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Capture a different amount than authorized with CC

Post by BBHartley » Tue Jun 07, 2022 12:05 pm

We automatically authorize cards (Payflow Gateway) at checkout but do not charge the card (capture) until the order is ready to go out.

We had a situation this week where the amount to be charged was LESS than the authorized amount. How do we charge just the actual amount (always would be LESS)?

I had a similar situation this week buying something for myself for another company. My card was authorized for one amount (shown as pending) on my CC, but was charged a different amount (actually higher) for the actual charge. We would never charge more, but less happens occassionally.

I know we can Capture the full amount and then create a separate refund, but it would be cleaner to never capture the incorrect amount.

Suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Capture a different amount than authorized with CC

Post by Katie » Tue Jun 07, 2022 1:19 pm


First off, these forums are no longer active. We have a new forum where you can still post questions for AbleCommerce Gold - ... sions-only

To answer your question, there is a "Capture Amount" field available when you go to capture the payment. You can enter a different value. If the order amount has already been adjusted, this amount should be adjusted as well. But it would also depend on the version you are using since I can't recall when this feature was added. For more info, please see the merchant guide here: ... yments.htm

There are some payment gateways that support a capture amount OVER the amount initially authorized. It's not common, and you would probably need to contact your merchant account service to see if your gateway supports it.
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