Visa requirements

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Visa requirements

Post by compunerdy » Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:31 pm

Got this E-mail from Chase today. I have our address on the contact us form but during checkout it does not display our country that I could see as Visa requires. Any easy code change to get the address to show on the checkout?

Visa may charge you if your website doesn’t identify your location

Dear Client,

We appreciate your business and want to keep you informed. Visa® requires that you clearly and prominently identify your location on your website before cardholders complete their purchase. This information is important because it may affect fees, taxes and shipping times. Visa may charge you a fine or penalty if you do not meet this requirement.

Here’s more information

The country where you are located must be on one of the following screens; a link to a separate webpage is not permitted:
The same screen view as the checkout screen with the final transaction amount, or
Within a sequence of webpages the cardholder accesses during checkout.
The location you identify to the cardholder must be the location used in the transaction.
You must provide your address for cardholder correspondence on your website.

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