R9-Products using Private Category Breadcrumbs?

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R9-Products using Private Category Breadcrumbs?

Post by AnySupport » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:53 am


How does the Product page determine which Category breadcrumbs to show when the product is reached from a search result or by direct link?
(so there are no past pages to have produces "actual" breadcrumbs)

We have found that Live public products will show the Private Category->Private Subcategory location as the breadcrumbs, instead of using any of the Public categories/subcategories that the product is also associated with.
  • It can't be using Category Order because the Private category exists at the end, below all Public categories.
  • I've added Z to the names of both Private categories in case it was purely an alphabetical check, but that also didn't work.
We'll likely be able to remove these two particular Private Categories, but we do have other Hidden and Private Categories in use that we can't just delete but should not appear in breadcrumbs at all.

Please let me know how the selection works and if there is any way to adjust it, whether by an edit made to the Category pages via Admin or by code adjustments, if that's the only option.

Thank you!

Context if it matters:
We had to build these early on to streamline building products, running exports and tracking which ones had been taken care of or not. Those categories still exist and both are Private. We had been told early on there could be complications with products, if we just deleted the category completely and because it contained nearly everything we'd just built, we left it as is. Just today, we've been told that it would be safe to delete the category, but we'd have to look for potentially abandoned products afterwards somehow? Or figure out a query to identify Products that somehow got altered to only exist in the hidden category? Shouldn't have happened, but better safe than destroying data!

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